Enough! PSOL demands investigation of the new ‘Odebrecht list’ and direct elections now!


National Executive Board of PSOL

Tradução do editorial do PSOL de 12/04, acesso aqui. Versão em inglês acessível aos camaradas das sessões irmãs da Insurgência na IV Internacional. Aguardando publicação no site InternationalViewPoint.


The list publicized by the minister Edson Fachin shows the depths of the political crisis that impacts the country. The presence of forty Federal Representatives, a third of the Senate, twelve governors and eight ministers from Temer’s team, mentioned on the plea bargain of the executive board of the building company, Odebrecht, proves that the current composition of the National Congress is not even able to vote the measures that penalize the poorest, such as the social security reform, the labor rights reform or the antidemocratic political reform.

In face of this scenario, PSOL proposes:

Opening of an investigation on the Federal President. According to the understanding of current minister Teori Zavascki, although it is not possible to prosecute a President, it is possible to open an investigation whenever there are elements to do so. PSOL will request legal representation demanding opening of an investigation on Temer, based on the mentions which prove his involvement in irregularities promoted by PMDB’s management.

We consider that the way out for the current crisis is the immediate summon of direct elections for the Federal President chair. Besides being illegitimate, the current government applies an agenda of setbacks without any popular support. The will of the citizenship must be sovereign. The people must decide the future of the nation and thus, the initiatives of mobilization – such as the general strike called for April, 28th – have our full support.

We do not accept that the National Congress approves measures that penalize the workers until the facts regarding the ministers, as well as the congressmen of the Chamber and the Senate, are established. Moreover, in respect to the right to a due process of Law and to the audi alteram partem rule (the principle that no person should be condemned unheard), we consider that these congressmen should not keep a command post in the Deputy Chamber and in the Federal Senate, nor should they oversee the counter reforms proposed by Temer’s government team.

Brasília, April 12th 2017
National Executive Board of PSOL
Congressmen of PSOL in the Deputy Chamber

Tradução: Luccas Cechetto